Chutzpah at Augusta

I only gave the recent protests at Augusta a little attention last month. Yes, I know that some papers tried to make a big deal about this. Liberal papers followed the NOW line that this was discrimination. Conservatives talked about freedom of association. But it was just about a game and I didn't really care enough to pay close attention.

From what I’ve heard, despite the editors of the New York Times supporting the protest, only about 40 people actually showed up to protest the all male club. However, that is not the part that got my attention.  Proving that some liberals do have a sense of humor, my leftist friend Paul (UK) emailed me this picture. Take a good luck at the orange sign held up by the man in back.

If you can't make it out, it says "Iron My Shirt!"  I wonder what these women thought about him? Since digital images can be easily manipulated, I wondered if this was a hoax. However, a little research found an article that referenced the sign.  I am not sure I'd call the man brave or foolhardy.  But he definitely has chutzpah.

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