March 03, 2010
True Words by a Liberal Talking Head
I was channel flipping a few weeks ago when everyone was talking about Scott Brown, the Republican who just won the special election for the late Senator Kennedy's seat. Some liberal talking head who I didn't recognize was responding to the proposal that the Republicans would run Brown for president in 2012.

Never mind the merits of the idea (conservatives like me would never support him), but the left-leaning talking head quickly dismissed the idea because no senator with only two years experience would make a good president. Then he realized what he had said and they quickly cut to a commercial...

I wish I had that recorded. For my non-political readers, the reason why this was so funny is that in two years, Brown will have had more senatorial experience than Obama had when he ran for president.

Great Low-Budget Marketing
The Dallas Tea Party organization produced a very inexpensive ad that probably was very effective in recruiting potential members. They responded to one of the arrogant talking heads at MSNBC in such a delightful way that will make you laugh - unless you work for MSNBC. Then you'll want to hold your head in shame... Click here for the brief video.