January 22, 2010
Bathroom Fans
When I built our last home, I did a great deal of research on them. The typical bathroom fan is very noisy. I found a series of fans that were powerful and quiet. Not only did I put them in my bathrooms, I put the biggest one in the kitchen. This is my feedback after a few years of use. The bathroom fans are still great (and one of the best decisions I made in addition to the fan purchase was installing timer switches; these fans are so quiet people would accidentally leave them on for hours otherwise).

The kitchen fan worked pretty well, but became noisy over time. Note, the fan was marketed as a bathroom fan, so the designers probably did not visualize the fan sucking up kitchen grease over time. It still is not very noisy, but I'm not sure if I would recommend this line for the kitchen. It has my highest recommendation for its intended use in bathroom.

The brand is Panasonic, they have a host of sizes such as VF-05VQ3, FV-08VQ3, FV-11VQ3, FV-15VQ4. I highly recommend these products.

January 19, 2010
The Election Heard Around the World
In 1775, Americans were preparing to fight against the strongest power in the world. The British government was the most powerful government in existence. Despite helping to found many of the American colonies, they refused to grant Americans representation and continued to increase taxes on Americans. After the Americans expressed their displeasure with governmental tyranny with the Boston Tea Party, the oppressive British government sent in the troops. It was in Massachusetts where brave minutemen, consisting of farmers, businessmen, and other average Americans, fought back with the shot heard around the world. This fight, led by God-loving, freedom-loving Americans, helped birth a nation where men could be free to worship God as they pleased and to keep the fruits of their labors.

Eleven score and fifteen years later, the American people were again being oppressed by the strongest power in the world. This time the enemy was within. The most powerful government in existence forgot the principles which gave it birth and spent most of its efforts stealing freedoms away from the American people, one regulation at a time. It taxed its countrymen at such an exorbitant rate that those who fought for freedom in 1775 would have preferred to stay under British tyranny than to live under current American rule. The American people again expressed their displeasure with government tyranny with tea parties. Confirming that those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it, the American tyrants ignored the signs and continued to create new regulations and taxation. Again, it was the people of Massachusetts who struck back against the strongest government in the world. Despite the best efforts of King Obama, Queen Pelosi, Dirty Harry, and a host of other dictators, the freedom-loving Americans in Massachusetts peacefully fought back against tyranny by voting for a man who ran against the socialist agenda of American rulers who had forgotten the republic for which they were supposed to stand.

God bless these freedom loving Americans in Massachusetts. God Bless America. And let tyrants beware - this may be the birth of a peaceful American revolution that will eliminate many of these "leaders" who abused their power. Let these dictators live in fear of the coming judgment in the Novembers to follow.

January 06, 2010
I Love Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is my favorite syndicated columnist. No matter how much criticism she takes, she provides a weekly column about liberal actions, or reactions, about current events with her own unique mix of facts and sarcasm. I just took a break from working to read her latest column, expecting a commentary on how many Democrats are retiring now to avoid voter wrath in November. Instead, I found an unexpected column about Tiger Woods, forgiveness, and knee-jerk liberal reactions to mentioning Christianity in public.

God bless Ann.