November 06, 2008
Interesting Times Ahead
The election results were interesting. My optimism was realistic for my state, which went for McCain, but incorrect for the nation which went for Obama by about 7.2 million votes. Some interesting bits of trivia about these results. I doubt this will be in the paper, but Obama is the first Democratic president to win a majority of the vote since Carter (Clinton never received a majority, he won with a plurality both times, with thanks to Ross Perot sucking votes away from the Republicans).

I hope the election of a black man will help heal those for whom race is a major issue. I look forward to the day when virtually everyone looks at the character, ideas, and experience of a candidate instead of their race and believe we will see this in my lifetime.

California shocked the liberals by narrowly passing a defense of marriage act. This is the second time the voters have done so, but four unelected tyrants - members of California’s Supreme Court - had previously overturned the earlier referendum and arbitrarily told Californians that same sex marriage was not an oxymoron and was legal. So this time the residents of California passed a constitutional amendment correcting this situation. We will see how well liberals respect the will of the majority this time.

I hope my liberal friends are correct that an Obama presidency, complete with Democratic control of the House and Senate, will lead to better times ahead. However, in my consulting practice, I am taking steps to ensure as much 2009 income as possible is billed in 2008. This is the opposite of my normal practice as usually it is smart business to defer taxes. However, it would not surprise me if the Democrats eliminate the Bush tax cuts in 2009, two years ahead of schedule.

November 04, 2008
Some Perspective
Today is Election Day and I still have hope that Obama will not be our next president. Even though I am certainly not excited about a possible McCain presidency, the prospect of an Obama presidency fills me with great concern for my country.

However, last night put things in perspective for me. I was unexpectedly in Wal-Mart to humor my other half and walked down the book aisle. My eye was attracted to 23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese [Click on the link to buy the book for $3.58 at the time of posting]. It was written by a man who claimed to have experienced Hell for 23 minutes on November 23, 1998. He further claimed that after the experience, he had a vision of Jesus who told him that he was given this experience to warn others about Hell and that Jesus was coming back very soon. Finally Jesus told him that Bill had been sheltered from much of the actual pain of Hell during his experience.

I had heard about this man’s claims on the radio a few years ago. I bought his book and read it last night. I do not know if I believe him or not, but his vision was horrifying. He also has ample discussion on what the Bible says about Hell, including an Appendix with all the Bible verses on the subject. I do believe in the Bible and in the existence of Hell and the book was sobering. I regularly pray for my country and have tried to persuade people to vote for the party that thinks human life is worth protecting, but I have spent very little time trying to help people make much more important decisions about Jesus and where they will spend eternity.

Today I will go vote for McCain (and against my Republican representative in Congress who voted for the $850 billion bailout bill - fortunately the Democratic option is pro-life) and pray for my country. However, more importantly, I will also pray that my countrymen find Jesus before their eternal fate it sealed. I will also pray that I will start making a positive difference in people’s eternal destiny by pointing them to Jesus.