April 28, 2007
Another Hate Crime?
Did you hear about the homosexual Hate Crime in South Dakota?. Of course not, although you may have heard of the depraved lesbian killer. The media loves to talk about hate crimes whenever they find a rare case of a heterosexual killing a homosexual. However, in the case when a homosexual kills another homosexual (common) or when a homosexual kills a heterosexual, the media never calls it a hate crime. This shows that the media is not concerned about hate crimes, but about their own agenda.

This particular case received what press it did because the lesbian killer then chopped up her dead victim with a chainsaw in a vain attempt to hide the evidence. Both women were also deaf, which raised the media interest level. I am linking to several stories because I will want to find an active link the next time some politically correct liberal says we need a hate crimes law. Punish murders because they are murderers, not because of their motivation. I’ve quoted from several of the stories to give you a summary.

Wright is black, deaf and a lesbian. Her victim, Darlene VanderGiesen, was white, deaf and heterosexual.

Prosecutors said that Wright was jealous of the friendship VanderGiesen had with Wright’s former lover and that it turned to rage that drove Wright to kidnap VanderGiesen, kill her, burn the body and cut it apart with a chain saw.

The jury had to decide unanimously that Wright’s mind was depraved at the time of the crime before even considering whether death is appropriate. After about eight hours of deliberation, jurors found that Wright had the depravity of mind, but they decided that she should not be executed for it.

It means Wright will spend the rest of her life at the women's prison in Pierre or the penitentiary in Sioux Falls.

April 01, 2007
Estrogen and Beer
Scientists have recently found evidence that estrogen is present in some of the foods we consume. …red clover, yucca, hops and motherwort demonstrated significantly higher growth than control, indicating possible estrogenic effects.

Hop is one of the four key ingredients in beer. Thus, if estrogen is present in hops, it will be present in beer unless the distilling process manages to eliminate it. If estrogen is present in beer, males who imbibe beer may start displaying feminine characteristics.

To test this theory, 100 men were provided with nine 12 ounce cans of beer within one hour. It was then observed that 100% of the subjects:

gained weight
talked excessively without making sense
became overly emotional
could not drive very well
failed to think rationally
argued over nothing
had to sit down to urinate

No further testing was considered necessary. Male beer drinkers should take a concerned look at their beer consumption.