January 30, 2006
Interesting Lyrics
Read the entire thing and then I will give the background.
The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane

The naughty lady of Shady Lane

Has hit the town like a bomb

The back-fence gossip ain't been this good

Since Mabel ran off with Tom

Our town was peaceful and quiet

Before she came on the scene

The lady has started a riot

Disturbin' the suburban routine

The naughty lady of Shady Lane has the town in a whirl

The naughty lady of Shady Lane

Me-oh, my-oh, what a girl

You should see how she carries on

With her admirers galore

She must be givin' them quite a thrill

The way they flock to her door

She throws those come-hither glances

At every Tom, Dick, and Joe

When offered some liquid refreshment

The lady never never says "no"

The things they're trying to pin on her

Won't hold much water, for sure

Beneath the powder and fancy lace

There beats a heart sweet and pure

She just needs someone to change her

And she'll be nice as can be

If you're in the neighborhood, stranger

You're welcome to drop in and see

The naughty lady of Shady Lane

So delightful to hold

The naughty lady of Shady Lane

So delectable

Quite respectable

And she's only NINE DAYS OLD!!!

A friend of mine said I was eligible to sing The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane after the birth of our latest. I had no idea what she meant, so I looked it up on the internet. This was a song by the Ames Brothers with words and music by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett. The ending caught me by surprise even with the context of my friend's suggestion. It is certainly appropriate for the occasion.

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Quixote Lives
I obviously haven't posted for quite a while now, but wanted to give everyone a status update. Since I've last posted, the Quixote family has expanded. The engineer, lawyer, and little princess now have a baby sister. Shortly after Lady Quixote delivered her, I had delayed sympathy pains and had a surprise delivery of an enlarged appendix. I started a market research consulting firm and actually obtained my first contract. We are slowly making progress on building our new house. We had hoped to be in it by Christmas, but that turned out to be hopelessly optimistic. We are now hoping for May and it might be July.

As regular readers (after my long absence, I have to wonder how many regular readers I may have left) know, my background is consumer electronics. This January I attended the 2006 Consumer Electronic Show. I will try to post my thoughts on this someday soon. After visiting the show, I realized that there is no good place to buy all the really cool stuff that is not carried by mass merchandisers. So I am probably going to start an online store here at Solport that specializing in such goods. I'm considering the following slogan, Solport: The most innovative consumer products in the solar system.

At any rate, I am still alive and kicking. I will try to catch up on my emails (months of them, so be patient) and I will try to blog a bit more frequently.