I really enjoyed Bill Sammon's book, Strategery, which was written by the senior White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner. The book is mostly written from a pro-Bush perspective, but provides some interesting insights in addition to any commentary on our former president.

I especially enjoyed Sammon's discussion of the unethical behavior of other media, such as when CBS deliberately presented falsified information on the air in an attempt to get Kerry elected (remember Rather's "fake, but accurate" claim?). This is where Sammon's book really shines, the author's insider knowledge as a member of the media really comes into play - anyone who wants specific examples of how the media abuses the public trust should read this book.

I also found the discussion on one of Bush's larger mistakes, the nomination of Harriet Miers, particularly timely as Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan is very comparable - except that Kagan makes Miers look like Supreme Court material... Of course, we should probably expect a president with no former executive experience to nominate a candidate with no judicial experience. Click here for more information on Kagan.

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