Prediction: McCain Wins in November
Despite the predictions of most mainstream pundits, I now forecast that John McCain will be our next president barring some completely unforeseen event. In early 2008, when the Rev. Wright scandal broke, it was clear that Obama lacked the judgment needed to be president. However it was not clear if McCain had the judgment either.

For those not familiar with the Wright Scandal, Wright is a hate-mongering preacher who gives Christianity a bad name. He spewed his vile interpretation of religion in Chicago from 1972 until early 2008 when the media (lead by Rolling Stone magazine) started publicizing some of Wright’s comments. These comments were quite racist (anti white) and anti-American. Wright was a close family friend of Barrack Obama. Wright married the Obamas in 1992 and Obama had been a member of Wright’s church from 1992 onward. I do not blame Obama for the hatred his "spiritual advisor" spewed forth for decades. However, the fact that Obama exposed his family to this type of mental illness from 1992 to 2008 shows Obama does not have the judgment and/or character to lead our great nation (or even a banana republic). When someone has this severe of a judgment problem, I was very confident that the American people would notice it and vote against him if they had a viable alternative.

However, my fear was the McCain would show a similar lapse in judgment. Many of my liberal friends are thrilled with McCain – in their words, they cannot lose, they just can vote between a big liberal and a little liberal. Likewise, my conservative friends were very unhappy with McCain’s nomination and many had decided to stay home or vote for a third-party if McCain nominated a liberal running mate. With the nomination of the conservative Sarah Palin, McCain has ensured that conservatives will get out and vote. I will discuss Governor Palin in another post, but the great judgment that McCain showed with this selection shows he is still a canny senator and I am confident that he will be our next president.


Judgement? Call it Luck.
McCain did not show judgement. He was FORCED by Republican power brokers to choose Palin. He did not want her so he did not even vet her.

Posted by: claudia | 09/14/2008 - 06:15 PM


I wish you were right about the right wing flexing its muscles. If the wing of the Republican party that cared about both social and fiscal conservativism had enough power to put Governor Palin on the ticket, then I believe our country would be in better shape. One of the reasons why I am an independent instead of a Republican is that most Republicans (including McCain) do not practice the values for which Republicans supposedly stand. Of course, if the conservative wing actually had the power you imagine, they need to explain why they have not used it since the days of Reagan.

Palin was vetted in detail, one of six who completed a 70 question form for the McCain team. Before that, McCain's team researched 21 semifinalists from public records. You can read some of the details here.

McCain is too wily a politician to have picked anyone other than a conservative. He worries real conservatives, like myself, too much to have a prayer at getting my vote otherwise. I was already investigating third-party options for this election in case he actually put someone like Senator Lieberman on his ticket. I personally believe the trial balloon about Lieberman served multiple purposes.

1) It gained McCain some press, something he sorely needed before he picked Governor Palin.

2) It scared the conservatives so we would be relieved when he picked someone we could support.

3) It paves the way for the future - I predict that Senator Lieberman will have a position in the McCain administration; probably Secretary of State.

Posted by: Quixote | 09/16/2008 - 07:30 AM
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