Hackers and a Hiatus
Thanks to the King of Fools, this blog along with others, is now online. My consulting business website was hacked and malicious code was placed on it. Security precautions were put in place to hopefully prevent a recurrence, but these precautions messed up my blogging software installation which affected this blog and one I host for a friend. I kept fooling myself that I would make the time to fix this, but between my two jobs, family, and fixing up our new house, I should have known better. I finally admitted the truth and hired the King of Fools to fix things.

I believe Paul Burgess deserves the title of Solport's biggest supporter. He made a comment on the King’s test post before I even had time to start blogging again. Many thanks for the interest! And yes, I will start blogging again, at least through the political season.

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