Happy Valentine's Day to Lady Quixote
I am a fortunate man. I have been happily married for almost fifteen years and fully expect our marriage to last until death do us part. There is more passion in our marriage now (along with four kids) than there was when we were first married. It is hard to believe we are now middle-aged and when we've been married another fifteen years our oldest child will probably have graduated from college and our middle two kids should be in college. (Our eldest, the engineer, is currently in second grade).

My wife is a good sport and puts up with my many quirks. She is fun to be with and makes most days special. I am also lucky my wife is a wonderful cook from the Deep South. When I take her out to a restaurant, it is because I love her, not because I need a good meal. On the contrary, my wife's cooking is usually much better than that of a restaurant. This probably means she gets taken out less than she would if she were culinary challenged.

My wife is a full-time homemaker. It may shock some people as old fashioned, but my wife and I both love it and our kids are doing great. (The latter is simple probability; research shows that all things being equal, kids raised in a traditional family will do much better than kids who are not.)

I don't know what I would do without her. I love her and wanted to take time on Valentine's Day to publicly acknowledge her.


Wow. Just ... wow.

Posted by: Lady Quixote | 02/14/2006 - 05:27 PM
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