American Canaries
Miners used to keep canaries in the mines for company. Not because they were lonely, but because they were early warning systems. If the local air became hazardous, the birds would pass out or die before people were seriously injured. This gave the miners enough warning to take preventative action.

Remember all the commotion when Newsweek incorrectly stated that Americans were desecrating the Koran? Wonder what the Arabian street will do when they see video of American citizens using legal firearms to blow away a Koran? Team Infidel has elected to serve as canaries for their fellow Americans. If any Islamic terrorists have managed to cross our somewhat porous borders, they will surely make a beeline for Team Infidel.

I'm very interested in comments on this. Should this behavior be legal? For my part, I say yes although I cringe at the potential impact this video will have when shown on Arabian television. And I'd like to publicly thank Team Infidel for their willingness to serve as our canaries.

I've already received a few emails about this post. Yes, Team Infidel is being crude, unpleasant, and not helpful to bringing peace to the world. Yes, my thanking them for being canaries was said tongue-in-cheek. No, I do not condone such behavior, although I support their right to be disagreeable. The first amendment does not just protect your right to your opinion. It protects the right of all individuals to express their own opinions. While disagreeing with Team Infidel's actions, I agree and defend their right to exercise their first amendment rights. I encourage frank discussion about these rights.

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