Glorious Appearing
I read the twelfth and presumably final book in the Left Behind series. If have enjoyed the series, you will enjoy Glorious Appearing. It covers the triumphant return of Jesus Christ and wraps up the loose ends from the previous novels.

I called the book the presumably final book because it was suppose to end the series. However, it has a brief mention of a prequel and sequel to the series. My guess is that the sequel would cover the millennial year reign of Jesus and Satan's final rebellion.

For those not familiar with the Left Behind series, it follows the pre-tribulation interpretation of the end times. That is, Jesus will rapture His church before the seven year tribulation period. The writing is decent, but not exceptional (certainly not on the level of a writer like Tom Clancy). However, the fictional experience of envisioning how the end times might play out is very interesting and compelling.


I enjoyed the first few books in the series, not only for the fictional expression of the end times, but also for the glimpse inside the minds of new believers. I look foward to completing the series.

I would caution anyone who enjoyed the books to skip the movies.

Posted by: MRH | 04/02/2004 - 03:23 PM
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