March 09, 2011
Politically Correct Terrorism – ABC’s Castle
I am not a typical TV viewer. I care about college football and probably watch too many games during the collegiate football season. Other than that, I rarely watch TV as I prefer to spend my free time on other activities. However, Lady Quixote watches a more typical amount of TV and has convinced me to watch two television shows with her: ABC’s Castle and USA Network’s White Collar.

While obviously unrealistic, both shows are somewhat witty, beautifully shot, and provided a bit of mindless escapism each week. However, after last week’s 2-part Castle episode, I will not watch another episode of Castle. The plot was that terrorists were going to detonate a dirty nuclear bomb in NY and the main characters had to stop them. So far, so good.

However, ABC is so politically correct they reversed the expected heroes and villains. In addition to the recurring characters, the most admirable character was a Muslim weapons designer who came to the United States because he did not want to build nuclear weapons. The evil culprits were three former US Special Forces soldiers who thought America was getting too soft on the war on terror and were willing to kill thousands of New Yorkers to motivate Americans to fight again.

Give me a break. This was an insult to each and every man and woman who put on a military uniform to defend the citizens of the United States. The writers were not happy to just besmirch one soldier, who presumably might have mental problems after years of combat. Instead, they created a conspiracy of three Special Forces soldiers, none of whom remembered their oath to defend Americans nor turned in the person who suggested this heinous act. These ABC writers, of whom I doubt any ever volunteered to defend our nation, have portrayed our best and brightest as being willing to employ weapons of mass destruction on American civilians. I despise these writers and will not knowingly support them by watching more of their work. There are plenty of other things I can do with my time than watch these writers insult the bravest members of society because they are too politically correct to show realistic threats.