September 29, 2008
Beware of Congress
We are witnessing one of biggest governmental power grabs in history. Congress and two presidents caused this mortgage crisis and now Congress and a third president are trying to saddle the taxpayer with more debt to give the government more power.

Call your leaders today. I agree with Mike Pence. The $700 billion bill remains the largest corporate bailout in American history, forever changes the relationship between government and the financial sector, and passes the cost along to the American people.

The economy will do just fine without this so-called help, but the taxpayer will suffer if it passes. Please call your legislators today. If your legislators approve this bill, vote against them when they are up for reelection.

After posting this story, I called my own legislators and then resumed work. It took me a while to contact all three of them (two senators and one congressman) so I assumed the lines were fairly busy. They must have been. A few minutes ago (hours after my original post), a friend rushed in my office to tell me that the House had killed the bill. Good for them! I am also glad elections are coming up; I wonder of our representatives would have been as responsive if the elections were more than a year out. At least we can rest easy that this bill is now dead for the near future.
So much for my assumption that the bill was dead for the near future. Both President Bush (R) and Senate Majority Leader Reid (D) really want this bill. The politicians in the Senate revised the bill with many earmarks intended to bribe those who voted no the first time. It passed the Senate yesterday and the House is expected to vote on it later today. I just called my representative and strongly expressed my opposition to this bill. I hope others are doing likewise. The House is the only body that is likely to pay attention to public attention since ALL of them are up for reelection in November. Let’s throw out all the people who vote for this bill whether it passes or not.

September 27, 2008
Technology and Attitude Toward Abortion
As a college professor, I have the opportunity to get to know many students in the 18-24 age range as well as some non-traditional students. In general, it seems that a greater percentage of students are pro-life than they were when I was a student. This is anecdotal evidence, yet it is shared by my colleagues at other universities. I have heard the statistical evidence bears this out as well; someday I will make the time to look this up myself. This does not mean that today’s students are more conservative than previous years (for example, a slight majority of today’s students favor homosexual marriage while every other age group believes that marriage should strictly be between a man and a woman), just that more and more youngsters are pro-life.

While there are probably several factors involved, such as the Roe Effect, I believe technology is playing a major role in these attitudes. When I was growing up, teachers and the media would talk about how the fetus was just a lump of tissue or a generic being that was indistinguishable from animals in the womb. Doonesbury was a typical example of the disinformation spread by the left, making fun of pro-lifers by showing a speck that the pro-lifers wanted to defend.

What changed? Ultrasounds made a difference; abortion "counselors" try to dissuade potential clients from having ultrasounds because once a woman sees her baby, she has no doubt that the unborn child is human. General Electric’s 4D sonogram technology is having an even more dramatic impact. GE even has a site where you can see pictures showing the week-by-week growth of the unborn. It is difficult to kill a child when you can no longer pretend that the unborn is not human.

I stand by my prediction that Roe v. Wade will be overturned in my lifetime. While this event may have to wait until enough Baby Boomers die off, the pro-life beliefs of more and more young adults are at least reducing the numbers of unborn babies killed in the States each year.

September 08, 2008
Fannie & Freddie – The Worst of Both Worlds
Capitalism has its advantages and disadvantages. Government has its place and there are some things it can do better than the free market. There are also many things where it is much worse than the free market. However, the worse possible combination is when you combine the free market’s tendency of taking risks with the government’s guarantee that it will back you up no matter what. This is a recipe for disaster.