July 05, 2006
Status Update
I am still alive and the house project is coming along. I am still optimistic that we’ll be done with the new house sometime in August, but it will be close. In the meantime, I have also made a decision about adding a store to Solport.

Instead of coming up with the money to buy an expensive online store, I’m going to build one with AgoraCart. I found an helpful website created by the Milehightrader that seems straightforward enough. Once I figure out what I’m doing, I will gradually populate the store with items I will personally buy and test. If I like them, they will stay on the site. If not, they will be gone.

In a few months, once we’ve moved into our new house (and have one mortgage again!) I’ll decide if AgoraCart is viable enough for the long-term or not. I also will be blogging more about both setting up the store and in general once I have moved and sold our old house.