August 05, 2005
In Case of Insult
Email debates can be fun if the people with whom you debate actually understand you and your position. However, sometimes people show you that they really don't understand you at all.

I try to be a civil debater, but so long as people are not profane, I don't mind if they insult me for my beliefs. I just ask that their insults come close to the mark. Here is dialogue from a lefty email friend from the UK.

Next time you're railroaded into war, look back at people like GG [George Galloway] and remember what happens to people who stand up for principles. Or you can be a sheep like the rest (including me I must admit). Everything you see on Fox is true, eh? (Have you watched "Outfoxed" yet? Oh no I forgot, it's by people who don't agree with you so it must be untrue.)

Here is my reply.