January 17, 2005
10 Days to a New Habit
I've read a number of books that mention it only takes 10 days to create a new habit. For better or for worse, if you do something 10 days in a row, your brain makes it a habit. During my vacation to visit family (12 days), I spent time with my family and did not think about work, the house, or my blog. When I returned home, I started catching up on the stuff that piled up while I was away. I'm currently chairing two search committess at work and co-chairing a third. The latter is the most interesting committee for me as the position is for my boss. I have never been in the position to hire my own boss before; the power dynamics are quite intriguing.

At any rate, not only have I not had time to fix Solport so that spammers cannot make life unpleasant, I now go days without even thinking about Solport. I haven't blogged in several multiples of 10-days nor have I checked my Solport email since I went on vacation. Today Solport crossed my mind for the first time in a while and I thought that I had better post something to let everyone know I am not dead and that I still plan on fixing my site when time allows. I hope to finish up my search committee duties for at least some of these committees by mid-February. Once this is done, I will have time to fix Solport so the spammers can't do much harm. At that time, I will resume blogging and I look forward to restarting our community. My best guess is that I will have the site fixed and ready to go sometime in March.