Presidential ElectionsI see more and

Presidential Elections
I see more and more Democrats lining up to run for President in 2004. However that race already bores me. Iíll pay attention to it much later, but the result of the November 2004 election is largely outside of the control of the Democrats. It primarily depends upon two things Ė 1) how the war on terrorism is going and 2) how the economy is doing. The only question of immediate concern is how many Democratic contenders will make it to the end of 2003. Since they all seem to strongly favor every type of abortion, I really don't care which one makes it. If only the Democratic party was big enough for pro-life candidates.

I am far more interested in the 2008 election. My left-leaning friends keep telling me they expect to vote for the first US female president as they expect Hillary Clinton to run and win. It surprises them when I say I may also vote for the first female US president in 2008. If National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice runs, I would seriously consider voting for her. Sheís bright, competent, and experienced. My reservations are that I donít know where she stands on many issues Ė she has been very careful to keep her opinions to herself as she correctly sees her role is to enable President Bush to implement his policy. There will be time enough to drive her own policy if she runs for office and wins.

Clinton vs. Rice in 2008. Now that would be an interesting race.

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