Operation Weasel (link via Command Post)

One of the reasons some politicians voted against liberating Iraq was that it would distract the Bush Administration from its war on terror. Other politicians have blasted the White House for concentrating on Iraq when they believe North Korea is the greater threat.

Well not only has North Korea's recent well-behaved (relatively) diplomacy been a result of the White House's policy of ignoring North Korea rants while pursing a multilateral Asian policy of containment, the US has also been working behind the scenes. Reuters released information showing the White House has successfully dealt a major blow to North Korea's nuclear program. With the help of Nauru, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Thailand, the Philippines and Spain, Operation Weasel successfully allowed up to 20 high-ranking North Korean military officers and nuclear scientists to defect to the United States.

While this incident is a major accomplishment for the Bush administration and its allies, it also epitomizes why the United States is one of the most successful countries in the world. People from all over the world want to live here and when offered the chance to obtain U.S. citizenship, brilliant scientists usually jump at the opportunity. From North Korea's perspective, this "brain drain" is a major blow to their future plans. From the U.S. perspective, this was a peaceful method of adding to our cultural and intellectual diversity while simultaneously hindering a rouge nation from its plans for developing nuclear technology.

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