Admiral Quixote's Biases

When reading blogs, it helps to understand their beliefs and biases.  One should still consider the material, no matter what the blogger's background.  However, all of us filter reality through our own set of blinders and I am glad to reveal mine.

I am a very independent person who likes to follow current events. As a political independent, I am free to poke holes in the logic of the major parties without remorse. I have severe disagreements with all the major parties and someday hope to start an internet-based party to compete with them. However, this will not happen for at least 15 years, as the life of a public official is not complimentary to fatherhood.  I am privileged to be the father of three wonderful children, all currently under six years of age.  I am happily married to their mother and am not looking to strike up an internet romance.

Lately I have tended to vote Republican, but this has due to my beliefs on abortion rather than any innate fondness for the GOP. There are a few pro-life Democrats and I would gladly vote for some of them if they ran in my part of the country. My strongest bias is my respect for human life. I think the vivisection of unborn babies is barbaric and I look forward to a time when this practice rejoins slavery as a relic of the past. I take great solace that the post Baby-Boomer generations are growing more and more pro-life every year and I predict that abortion will be illegal again somewhere between 2020 and 2040.

I also have a tremendous respect for the truth.  On occasion, I will post something that is incorrect.  One of the nice things about having intelligent readers is that someone will quickly correct me.  This feedback is one of the reasons I blog; I learn a lot from my readers.

I am a Protestant and am confident in my faith.  However, when it comes to denominations, I am an independent in religion as well as politics - I have not found a denomination that exactly corresponds with my understanding of the Scriptures.  Of course, I have found many churches that teach from the Bible and we all agree on the important issues (e.g., salvation is only possible through accepting the grace and sacrifice of Jesus Christ).

I don't mind paying for social programs to help the needy, so long as they work.  Unfortunately, that qualification rules out many public programs.  At least there are many private programs that do a good job with limited resources.  I am a very pragmatic person.  If something works and doesn't violate my ethical standards, I support it.

And now that you know something of my view of the world, feel free to make comments at the Roundtable.