Why Admiral Quixote

Solport started as a place for my wargaming buddies and I to keep track of some of our games. Long before I started blogging, my internet friends called me Admiral Quixote or the good admiral given my penchant for challenging “unbeatable foes.” Once I started blogging, I kept using the same title.

I write under a pseudonym because I think my opinions should stand (or fall) on their own merits. I always admired the virtues epitomized by the Man of La Mancha and have adopted the protagonist’s name as my own for my writings as well as my game playing.

I recently renamed the blog “Admiral Quixote’s Roundtable” when I switched to a program that enabled comments. Some of the emails that I have received about my posts have been very enlightening and I hope that many of these correspondents will feel like sharing their input publicly via the comments section.

Reader Quotes

A thinker, not a linker
	– Steven Den Beste, USS Clueless
“Prompt and courteous” is not always a cliché
	– John Van Laer
Impossible Dream Meets Camelot
   – Peggie Duggan