All work and no play makes people dull.  So when we need to recapture our edge, we like to relax with PBEM (Play By EMail) games of galactic domination.   We only recommend PBEM games because we can play these games on our own schedule.  So long as we send in our turns to the appropriate host on time, it doesn't matter when we play.  That’s important to us.

Admiral Quixote recommends VGA Planets Version 4.  This is a complex game of interstellar intrigue.   Up to 30 people can play at once.  Each player rules an empire of their own and must manage and grow their economy.  You must also develop technologies for your fleet and direct your fleet to defend your empire.  Aggressive players may also exploit and destroy other players – at least those who can’t defend themselves…  Smart players will also negotiate with one another for mutual gain. 

Solport has many resources for VGAP4 players in the admiral's quarters.  In addition, one of the third-party races in the game was created by Admiral Quixote.  If you are looking for something different, you may wish to give the Crusaders a try.

Commander Panza prefers a simpler, faster-paced game.  He’s a fan of 4000 AD.  This is similar to VGA Planets, but is a 2 player game and much simpler.  Since there are only two players, there is little to be gained by negotiations.  After all, there can only be one winner.

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